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All facial treatments include relaxing face, neck, décolleté, and hand massage with doTERRA essential oils!

NEFERTITI   GLOW: (65 min.)......$84 

A powerful hydration treatment combined with efficient galvanic current technique, which enables 100% ingredients penetration into the skin! The result is an instant dryness and tightness relieve!

ACNE   ATTACK   TREATMENT:  (70 min.)……$86

This excusive treatment is recommended for oily skin and acne skin. Starting with galvanic current used to soften and emulsify sebum, while also deep cleanses the skin. A process of extraction is followed by high frequency manipulation with antibacterial and acne curing effect. A relaxing massage combined with a purifying mask end the treatment!

(Recommendation - 6 courses of treatment. Package prices available).

KING’S   RETREAT: (60 min.)…….$70

A super-charged revitalizing treatment including both deep cleansing and exfoliation. Extraction is applied as needed. A combination of a relaxing face massage and moisturizing mask with essential oils ends this treatment.       

 MEDITERRANEAN   DETOX   MAGIC: (65 min.)……$88

Experience this unique purifying treatment with detoxifying essential oils and red clay masque! The process involves vacuum suction (cleansing of pores) and lymphatic drainage (stimulates blood and lymphatic system, eliminates puffiness and excess face fluid). A massage with indirect high frequency follows, which enables deeper penetration of the detoxifying  essential oils and increases additionally the blood and lymphatic system circulation.

THE   SECRET   OF   NEFERTITI:    (80 min.)……$98

This royal treatment sends you back to ancient times where queens utilized nature’s most precious resources in their pursuit of eternal youth and beauty!

A start with tension-releasing back massage infused with healing essential oils prepares you for the upcoming heavenly treatment. Your face is enriched with an organic, custom made NEFERTITI masque, complimented by hand and feet massage… You are now a part of the Ancient secret